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I am an Colchester based UK illustrator, with a fascination for Snow White and men in lingerie. I love old musicals and new musicals, and I like to put things on repeat. I am so grateful for Netflix. Also electric blankets. I'm one of the founders for the Colchester Hackspace, and I have a gold pass for Colchester Zoo where I like to go an awful lot to draw the animals.

If you're interested in seeing my art, check out my art tag or you can view my portfolio here. I also have a blog dedicated to animal butts, because I often find they are very hard to get references for! And lastly, if you're interested in my OC story about the Teashop Crew, visit here!

Snow White arts by Amisi
Rah and Orrin sharks by Rachel

hartwich tagged me!

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1. What are your top 3 OTPs of all time?

Kurt and Blaine, Niles and Daphne, Luke and Lorelai. Oh my babies. I have a huge thing for will-they-won’t-they canon relationships that take years to form (but like, it’s clear that they’re going to the writers are just making us really WANT IT) and these three couples are my favourites. 7 years, 1 year, 5 years respectively. That 7 year wait was the best payoff ever. 

2. How has fandom changed your outlook on life?

I have learned the large variety of things there are to like, and how everybody can see things and like things differently. There used to be a lot of shame in being a ‘nerd’ but now it’s like…well yes, I am, and that’s fine. And I’ll defend anyone else’s nerd-dom too!

3. Which 5 pieces of media are most important to you right now?

Hmm. His Dark Materials has played a big part in my life since I read it last year. I just purchased an actual new copy of it from a book store because it was something I just needed to have every page of it close by - I keep that next to my bed. 

All The Other Ghosts and the sequel Grey by Rainjoy. It’s a Kurt/Blaine superhero fanfiction but it’s so much more than that. It made me cry so many times and it just brought me so much into the world of heroism that it will always have a place in my heart. I wish I had a hard copy version of it. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race HONEY CAN I GET AN AMEN? No but srsly this show is my life, I admire everyone on it, it encourages me to do more and express myself, and I’m pretty sure I quote it every day. 

Anything in the media about women fighting the patriarchy. Like, actresses calling interviewers out on their ‘how did you get into your outfit’ and other BS questions that reflect their bodies and not their acting. I am SO into feminism right now and I am empowered by every amazing woman out there. Gosh, not even just women - Aziz Anzari is another person that I just live for on the red carpet, calling out interviewers for their casual racism. 

The #SketchDailies twitter account. Weird choice, but so freaking inspirational. So many different art styles, wow.

4. What is your favourite way to contribute to fandom?

Fan art! I don’t publish anything that I write, I don’t roleplay any more, I don’t get a chance to go to conventions. But I love drawing, and every once in a while I get my fandom arts on.

5. If you could fancast your favourite actor in any role, what would it be?

Chris Colfer as Percy Blakeney in The Scarlet Pimpernel. Oh god I want it. 

6. Tell me about your favourite ship.

Once upon a time a terribly vulnerable baby faced darling sang his way into my heart on Glee with ‘Rose’s Turn’. He just wanted somebody to hold his hand and love him for who he was. Much heartache, a death threat, a school transfer and one dead bird later, a dapper bowtie-wearing heart-eyed teenage dream let his guard down and realised he was in love with his best friend.

Kurt and Blaine, my little sugar cupcake muffins. Oh they have been put through the ringer on Glee, but damn has the fandom taken every poorly written storyline and transformed it into something magical. These two are the definition of soulmates to me. Plus they’re super cute and they have beautiful voices I mean they are a joy to watch.

7. What draws you to a character?

Vulnerability with a developing strength to overcome life’s ills. Kindness, a good moral compass, charm. Being able to sing! Being well written and well rounded. Having flaws and realising them and growing but not becoming a completely different character. Learning. 

8. Tell me about your favourite piece of fandom merch you own/wish you owned.

I have a signed copy of Chris Colfer’s first book, The Land of Stories. I wish I’d gotten it signed myself, but it was from his American tour and I got a friend to get it signed for me. But he’s touched it, and it’s his words and his love and his fairytales, and that’s really special to me. He has made me believe in my own ambition. 

I also love my Designer Snow White and Evil Queen dolls. They are the most beautiful things ever to thing.

9. Are there any places connected with fandom that you wish you could visit?

The Ghibli Museum. Does that count? I also really want to see the new Snow White part of Fantasyland (The Dwarves Mine Train). I actually was just in a place that is from a book that I love, and I was so excited about that. I’d quite love to go to Watership Down, if it really existed as in the book.

10. Talk about your best fandom experience.

I’ve had some great stage door meetings - David Hyde Pierce, David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Norm Lewis, Ramin Karimloo - but my favourite story is from when I was catching a train to Bath and I saw Tony Head (Giles from Buffy) on the platform next to me. Now, that day his character Giles had been killed off in the comic book series, which was kind of a big deal. I sidled up to him and half under my breath said ‘Did you know that you died today?’

Queue him looking at me kind of worriedly as I hastily have to explain ‘IN THE COMICS. GILES. YOU DIED IN THE COMICS’ and then he was like ‘OH YES I HAD HEARD ABOUT THAT, WHO KILLED ME?’ and then we proceeded to have a lovely conversation and I’m dying to meet him again to see if he remembers that. 


OH I KNOW YOU DID THIS ONE FOR ME obviously the answer is Snow White she is a perfect character and my inspiration in life. Whenever your troubles get you down, don’t let yourself be dragged down with them. Remain kind and caring in the face of adversity. With a smile and a song, you can fill the world with sunshine. 

I’m totally not following the rules I don’t know who to tag I just like answering questions :P

I was showing my boyfriend some of my comics the other day, and I was laughing because they’re basically all anthropomorphic animals. Blacksad/Lackadaisy etc. 

I’ve always loved anthro animals, ever since watching Disney’s Robin Hood. I love the idea that humans have an animalistic counterpart, or their characters can be caricatured in animal form. I read His Dark Materials for the first time last year, and it immediately became one of my top 5 books of all time because of the idea of having daemons. 

I feel weird throwing around the term ‘furry’ because I’ve never felt it applied to me, but a large portion of that subculture is all about the same things that I’m all about. I sometimes tag my anthro art as furry and am so conflicted about it! I dislike my own characters to have human like bodies. The only thing human about them is their minds and the fact that they’re bipedal. I generally refer to my style as Disney-Anthro? I don’t like sexualising animal characters. I don’t really care about what others do with their art, of course, I’m just talking about the things I like to draw and my own conflicts!

I don’t even know why I have to talk about it. I feel like I’m trying to justify myself, which is ridiculous? Self-shaming or something. I was thinking of taking on some anthro/furry commissions to push my boundaries a bit more. 

I always finish art at ridiculous o’clock but I’m so impatient to get feedback that I can’t wait until people are actually awake to post it. Which doesn’t work at all. 

Plz follow my art tag (art by rah) and validate me with love in the morning, k?


Peka-boo was really fun.

I didn’t do much on the forums and I really don’t want that Sale madness for VIP-Tickets happening again, but in the end the overall event was pretty fun. 

The CW competition was a nice touch and although I didn’t win, I am happy we got some nice items out of it! How does it feel to see your items on-site without that star?

The band festival was fun, too! The game, too. Supporting your band and supporting each other, how awesome is that? I am a sucker for pretty art, so I joined Thorns and Roses, haha. I am happy they won! And congratulations to all the other bands, too, who made it into the finals!

I can’t wait to see what the band will come up with! Their own design? I am so curioussss.

And omg the festival place, haha. All these items and food trucks, yummy yummy wardrobe chummy! I loved Oatmeal and I am sad to see him go, but I am sure he will be back someday.

And just imagine that map planning and drawing, and aah. You even added night and day versions! 

I was online every day to check out the daily VIP items and other daily events.

And did I mention the Wishing Shrub? People were so nice and generous! You should pat yourself on the back or swap places with Oatmeal for a day. Then you can get many pats on the back!

I am also happy they weren’t any battle opponents connected to the event. It probably was a bit disappointing for the battle users, but I am sure you will get your fair share of battles when Morostide starts up again! :)

But now I am low on sP and really need to do some serious questing..


Thanks staff! And thanks to the kind userbase!

I’m just going to wrap myself into this post and take a nap.