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I am an Colchester based UK illustrator, with a fascination for Snow White and men in lingerie. I love old musicals and new musicals, and I like to put things on repeat. I am so grateful for Netflix. Also electric blankets. I'm one of the founders for the Colchester Hackspace, and I have a gold pass for Colchester Zoo where I like to go an awful lot to draw the animals.

If you're interested in seeing my art, check out my art tag or you can view my portfolio here. I also have a blog dedicated to animal butts, because I often find they are very hard to get references for! And lastly, if you're interested in my OC story about the Teashop Crew, visit here!

Snow White arts by Amisi
Rah and Orrin sharks by Rachel

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Omg does that mean a kid flash and a speedy?! YOU…

Oh man, I am SO not that far ahead xD I tend to have a few ideas, and then research for more and also look at suggestions boards (which mostly said SUPERHEROS this year) in order to pick my 10 dolls for the year! I just know I want to do Zoe from Firefly and I hope I remember this next year c:


subeta, you missed a golden opportunity with the dc rag dolls

you could have had


for a rag doll

how could you pass this up

do I need to put this in the suggestions board to get a robin ragdoll before morostide is over

I am doing sidekicks next year! I only had time to do 10 :( (Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are a little off theme, but I wanted some female representation in interesting costumes and only thought of SheRa this morning DARN IT SHE RA)

piebutt replied to your photo “Baby and I are not used to being awake this time of the day. #VetTime…”

you can do it baby! here’s to a healthy and happy vet trip (AND AN ADORABLE BOW TIE?!)

EVERYTHING WENT REALLY WELL :D We were worried that she had a luxating patella (which is actually very common in chihuahuas, and jack russells get a weird knee thing happening too) but it turned out that she had a little fluid around the joint which was healing properly due to my house having really steep stairs that she’d climb multiple times per day! So now she’s in for a lot more carrying c:

They had quoted me a price of £150 but it ended up being £122 and that included her anti-inflammatory meds and some worming tablets. So that was amazing, and I also just felt really good about this vets? I just get a feeling with vets, and my first one in this town just didn’t sit right with me. Loved this new one, will definitely be staying :D 

→ Anonymous whispered : Since Subetapedia got revamped, does that mean that the articles of the NPCs will eventually get rewritten or have more info added to the pre-existing biography? Also, which NPC do you find the most fun to make headcanons of, and which NPC would you like to see more of in any form? Sorry for asking so many questions!

Likely added to rather than rewritten, although that we’ll go over with the writers. I was having a read of some of them today and found that they still hold up pretty well, so I don’t think they need a rewrite!

MathisMathisMathisMathisMathis. We had a whole headcanon thing in staff that Vic Ventura after her disappointment with Isaac would meet Mathis and there would be some SERIOUS chemistry, because she’s a mechanic and he’s a metal worker, and boy could you just imagine him making her parts for aircrafts…and they’re both grubby from the oil and dirt of their crafts, and Mathis has those ARMS wow. Ahem. 

Actually recently it was alluded to in the news that Qazim thought that Merana was a bit of a babe and it was done offhand, but somebody in the comments posted the ‘I SEE MY SHIP’ gif and I laughed and then jumped aboard fully. 

I also really just enjoy Angrybeard and Babette. I have a certain headcanon about them which I can’t mention here because I want to ask the writers what they think first…but it involves the anthropomorphic pets and how they live alongside their less sentient counterparts. Which I think is something I’d really like to get into :)