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I am an Colchester based UK illustrator, with a fascination for Snow White and men in lingerie. I love old musicals and new musicals, and I like to put things on repeat. I am so grateful for Netflix. Also electric blankets. I'm one of the founders for the Colchester Hackspace, and I have a gold pass for Colchester Zoo where I like to go an awful lot to draw the animals.

If you're interested in seeing my art, check out my art tag or you can view my portfolio here. I also have a blog dedicated to animal butts, because I often find they are very hard to get references for! And lastly, if you're interested in my OC story about the Teashop Crew, visit here!

Snow White arts by Amisi
Rah and Orrin sharks by Rachel


I’m so disappointed that staff only chose backgrounds and wigs for the CW contest. Yes, they look great. But I was expecting more diversity since it was obvious that all users will vote for make up items. I was so wrong thinking that clothing items would have a chance, as expected.

I guess I just won’t buy anything since there are already hundreds of wigs and I have no use for backgrounds.

We took the user vote - the winning items were the ones that the users voted for. 

suideath whispered : That's extremely weird. Especially after what just happened. T&S was taken by someone, altered, and sold for print (it's been taken down now). Only one copy of the original was printed and is being given away or something, and it's signed by Misha Collins. So someone may have bought you a copy of the altered version and sent it to you, which is double odd. T&S is the only FF I've read, funny enough. All this couldn't fit in the post's answer option, sorry !

I read about that when I was googling it! It turned out being something I’d forgotten about - a friend of mine in Australia had asked if she could get something delivered to me and then I could ship it to her, because they didn’t ship to Oz. She didn’t tell me what it was, so when that arrived and was a thing I’d heard about, I completely didn’t connect the two! I actually might have a read of T&S now c:

I mean I’m debating reading it