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I am an Colchester based UK illustrator, with a fascination for Snow White and men in lingerie. I love old musicals and new musicals, and I like to put things on repeat. I am so grateful for Netflix. Also electric blankets. I'm one of the founders for the Colchester Hackspace, and I have a gold pass for Colchester Zoo where I like to go an awful lot to draw the animals.

If you're interested in seeing my art, check out my art tag or you can view my portfolio here. I also have a blog dedicated to animal butts, because I often find they are very hard to get references for! And lastly, if you're interested in my OC story about the Teashop Crew, visit here!

Snow White arts by Amisi
Rah and Orrin sharks by Rachel

→ Anonymous whispered : Since Subetapedia got revamped, does that mean that the articles of the NPCs will eventually get rewritten or have more info added to the pre-existing biography? Also, which NPC do you find the most fun to make headcanons of, and which NPC would you like to see more of in any form? Sorry for asking so many questions!

Likely added to rather than rewritten, although that we’ll go over with the writers. I was having a read of some of them today and found that they still hold up pretty well, so I don’t think they need a rewrite!

MathisMathisMathisMathisMathis. We had a whole headcanon thing in staff that Vic Ventura after her disappointment with Isaac would meet Mathis and there would be some SERIOUS chemistry, because she’s a mechanic and he’s a metal worker, and boy could you just imagine him making her parts for aircrafts…and they’re both grubby from the oil and dirt of their crafts, and Mathis has those ARMS wow. Ahem. 

Actually recently it was alluded to in the news that Qazim thought that Merana was a bit of a babe and it was done offhand, but somebody in the comments posted the ‘I SEE MY SHIP’ gif and I laughed and then jumped aboard fully. 

I also really just enjoy Angrybeard and Babette. I have a certain headcanon about them which I can’t mention here because I want to ask the writers what they think first…but it involves the anthropomorphic pets and how they live alongside their less sentient counterparts. Which I think is something I’d really like to get into :) 

sopheroo whispered : Also, when will my common Kumos lookalike doll come back from the skeleton war? Hopefully with a lots of bone trophies.

Oh dear, it must be a long and perilous journey that it’s having. I think I see it on the horizon though, it should be back today?! (Along with the nuclear!)

sopheroo whispered : Best solution would be to just retire these specifics elixirs, because turning them into someone else might annoy people with massive bottle collections. I know at least two of them. Same with common-colored potions. You were right with the "buying a miracle potion to get a lilac aeanoid is not a good move" philosophy.

Yeah, I think retiring is as far as it should go if that were to happen. Something to discuss with the item admins as well as the creative team! Haha, I’m having little ideas now regarding it all. It’s nice to have inconsistencies pointed out sometimes, because they can lead to new stories being created c: (Obviously sometimes they just lead to us going D’OH xD)

sopheroo whispered : Endeavors were not created by Calvin. They were already existing in the time Vernon Yun was planning his first robots, such as the Mark I Endeavors.

No, but they are his now! He conquered Atebus, and took it all for himself. Now all manufacture of Endeavors and Cadogres happens at Blackmoon Corp (which is why I dislike those elixirs, I feel like Calvin would want them destroyed to further ensure his monopoly on the species!)

But again, generally the opinions I post on my Tumblr are mine, my own little headcanons and such - if we were to develop this information or make anything happen on site, it would first be put before the creative team at large, and worked out. (In regards to what I’d like Calvin to do! )

→ Anonymous whispered : Is there any chance of us seeing more items like the Mystical Feli Doll, and the Cadogre Mystical Toys that change our pet into that species/color of that species popping up anytime soon? Also if the cadogre and endeavor are calvins species and are meant to be created by him, why do we have the endeavor elixirs? Shouldn't it be how it is with cadogres, where the only other way to get a cadogre is to use the X5 Cadogre Elixir/Cadogre Mystical Toys?

It’s unlikely we’ll make any sort of item like that for pets currently existing, although I can’t say for sure about what we’ll do with future pet species. For now, we pretty much stick with elixirs. 

Endeavor elixirs - now that’s a redundant item IMO! I wasn’t around when they were created, or when the species were developed. I would like them to be something you can only get from Calvin, but that’s a personal opinion and as I’ve mentioned in other asks, we don’t really like to repurpose items completely if we can help it. 

Maybe when it comes to writing the cadogre and endeavor pet articles, they might get a little upheaval. That’s something I’d have to discuss with the creative team first!

→ Anonymous whispered : can we please get the limitations on certain pet species from being created removed? (Hipottu,Antlephore,Telenine,Sheeta,Cybill,Kerubi,Endeavor, Cadogre) Correct me if I'm wrong but we have elixirs for most if not all of these species so it doesn't make sense having these limitations if people could just elixir their pet?If not, should those elixirs just become unusable?

I’ll look into it for some of these species - goodness knows the hipottu and cybill don’t need any more help in being unpopular! 

I do believe that some of these are limited for lore-related reasons. They either are in ‘short supply’ in the wild, or they need to be manufactured by Calvin (the Endeavor and Cadogre are his species). Actually, the whole adopt/create-a-pet pages could do with an overhaul. I’ll add that to my ever growing list! 

→ Anonymous whispered : Don't get me wrong, they are indeed nice collectables, but we have the Miracle Potion available via the cash shop that could be used to color those special pets that you mentioned!

With the Bhakoru and Aeanoid already being rather challenging to get, and the neela being cash shop anyway - I’m not really seeing that users would be happy if we took away the potions and said they had to spend $20 or 45 million on a Miracle Potion to be able to colour their pet Dawn or Twilight!

I just don’t agree with getting rid of common posed potions. They’re nice items, they’re only redundant for SOME species but definitely not all, and we don’t usually completely change an item unless we’re moving it away from real-world references.