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I am an Colchester based UK illustrator, with a fascination for Snow White and men in lingerie. I love old musicals and new musicals, and I like to put things on repeat. I am so grateful for Netflix. Also electric blankets. I'm one of the founders for the Colchester Hackspace, and I have a gold pass for Colchester Zoo where I like to go an awful lot to draw the animals.

If you're interested in seeing my art, check out my art tag or you can view my portfolio here. I also have a blog dedicated to animal butts, because I often find they are very hard to get references for! And lastly, if you're interested in my OC story about the Teashop Crew, visit here!

Snow White arts by Amisi
Rah and Orrin sharks by Rachel

I have a whole bunch of these little pokemon figurines I want to get rid of. I have no idea on pricing or anything like that, although I think the Ho-Oh might be worth something? To be honest I’m not /opposed/ to just sending them off for the price of postage and packaging, although if I do get multiple interest I’d have to rethink that! 

I know I have a few pokemon merch buyers among my followers, but honestly if anyone has any idea what I could do with these please let me know!